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South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs

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A Message From SCSAFC President, Chief Alvin Payne

Welcome to our new and improved Website. Hopefully this site will be easier to maintain and allow us to provide current and relevant information to the Fire Chiefs of our State.

Over the last couple of years, your Executive Committee has worked hard to enhance your Association benefits. We have done this through additional disability benefits, Chief Officer training classes, and our Chief Peer counseling program. Though not everyone has taken advantage of these opportunities, they are available to you.

We have made it a priority to provide quality training opportunities for the Chief Officers in this state.  We presented great Chief Officer classes in our November quarterly meeting, January’s Fire Service Improvement Conference and the Southeastern Fire School.  We also encourage you to take the time to complete the Fire Chief 101 course online through the SC Fire Academy. 

This year we initiated a new twist to one of our Executive Committee meetings. All of the committee chairs were invited to attend and it was great having more of our members involved in the discussion as we talked about the future of our organization.

This year’s conference will be held June 6-8 at Myrtle Beach with the banquet on Friday night. We have outstanding speakers, networking, and fellowship events and I encourage you to register today. As many of you have heard, the conference will move to Columbia in 2018 so enjoy the last 2 years at the beach.

Our Memorial Service will be on April 6th and this year we honor four of our fallen brothers. Our business meeting starts at 10 am with the Memorial service immediately after the meeting.  Please attend to support the families of our fallen firefighters.

Yours in Service,

Chief Alvin Payne


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